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Pat Robertson: "Kill 'Em All, Let God Sort 'Em Out"
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VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia - Wearing his trademark "Kill 'em all, let God sort 'em out!" t-shirt, Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson has called for the assassination of "all the ungodly heathens that threaten the lives and consciences of the Christian American people." While allowing that viewers might consider this a radical and even presumptuous suggestion, Robertson said, "We have an obligation before our Creator to eradicate those that threaten His people." Specifically targeted by Robertson were Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, Cuban President Fidel Castro, and openly gay New Jersey Governor James McGreevey.

"Jehovah didn't hesitate to assassinate thousands in his good name."
-- Reverend Jerry Falwell
"I understand where he's coming from," explained Jerry Falwell, long a supporter of Robertson and his 700 Club, "But there's probably some room for negotiation here as well. When Jehovah of the Old Testament saw Israel threatened, he didn't hesitate to assassinate thousands in his good name. But we aren't quite gods, and we don't carry the same authority."

James Orludge, Dean of Ecumenical Studies at Virginia's noted College of Writ, was more outspoken. "I don't see how Reverend Robertson can possibly think he's helping matters with these sorts of 'Christian Fatwas'," he said, "When the Gospel so clearly speaks of loving one's enemies, turning the other cheek, and leaving matters to God, how can we believe it's our mission to seek out and kill others?"

Among the faithful, the response has been mixed. "It's about time our leaders got their heads outta the sand and recognized we're at war!" exclaimed one man, holding a sign saying "Give 'em Hell, Pat!" A student and frequent viewer of the 700 Club showed concern over the call to arms, "I think this is more of a political arena. Reverend Robertson knows his Bible, but he's not the CIA. Any illegal assassinations should be handled by the authorities responsible for that, I think."

The White House has not issued an official response to Robertson's comments, but one insider mentioned that the President "is aware of Robertson's suggestion and is taking it under advisement."
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